Welcome to our new Webstore!

Taking on board comments from all you lovely people we have now updated our Tumble Stone range which shows pretty much all the tumblestones, (these also include the special babies on my desk!).

We were very fortunate this month as we came across some beautiful tumbled Moldavite , please be quick as they are selling fast.  As you all know we have been anticipating our shipment of Afghanite  tumblestones and they finally arrived early August, just as we were on our way to the Rock 'n' Gem show at Kempton, they were so popular.

Our mineral range is not as extensive as we would like, but we have added Bastnasite  which is a Rare Earth Element (information on Wikipedia),  Herderite , Scheelite , these are a must have for all crystal healers.  

In September we are moving to our new Warehouse and finally we will have a showroom for you to come and see! 

If you think we have missed anything on our webstore give us a shout here .

Blessings & Sparkles

Kim & Bob (and all the team)

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